Aluminum 1" Heavy-Duty 13 to 60 GPM Fire Nozzle (NPSH)

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Achieve maximum selectable GPM when your water source has good pressure with this high strength aluminum heavy-duty 1" NPSH selectable gallonage nozzle. Outfitted with large rubber bumper, 316 stainless steel shutoff ball, stainless steel spinning teeth and stainless steel inlet screen. Polyamide flow control ring with raised lugs for easy flow control adjustment under pressure. Anodized metal body bands with topcoat to resist scratching.

This nozzle has the capability to be fully flushed to help with clearing of any debris and conforms to all aspects of NFPA 1964. Each nozzle etched with unique serial number for easy tracking.

NPSH and NPT are more common in industrial applications

  • Material - Aluminum
  • Size - 1 inch
  • Threads - NPSH
  • This nozzle will only connect to a 1 inch NPSH hose
  • Gallons Per Minute (GPM) - 13-25-40-60 Selectable
  • Conforms to NFPA 1964 Standard - 2018 Edition

1" Male Hose

  • Inside diameter of a male hose - 1 inch
  • Outside diameter of a male NH / NST adapter - 1 3/8 inches (1.375) - 8 Threads per inch
  • Outside diameter a male NPSH or NPT adapter - 1 5/16 inches (1.295) - 11.5 Threads per inch

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