Replacement 2 1/2" NH/NST Brass Swivel Kit

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Replacement kit for stolen or damaged 2.5" NH / NST brass FDC intake swivels. These fixtures are commonly found on the exterior of commercial buildings. They are usually labeled FDC (Fire Department Connection) and/or AUTO SPKR (Automatic Sprinkler).

These kits are used when the threaded plugs or debris covers go missing and the brass female swivel fittings the plugs thread into also "disappear". All that is left is a brass stub with a bearing groove (see video above). This kit includes 1 fitting and 1 cover. TWO KITS are often required if both swivels are missing; one for each inlet.

This kit is for one 2.5" NH/NST threaded fitting; the most common size and thread type in most parts of the country. The male plug that fits this fitting measures 3.068" outside diameter but is called a 2.5" NH / NST Plug because the outside diameter of a 2.5" NH fire hose fitting measures 3.068". It is always best to verify thread type with the local fire department as some are only slightly different than "standard". For example New York City, San Francisco and some other locations use a different thread type or size.

This kit does include a plastic FDC debris cover.

Installation Tips: Slip on the swivel and feed the 50 bearings in through the set screw hole in to the bearing raceway. Screw in the set screw. Take a punch and carefully give the set screw slot a pop to mar the slot and make the screw difficult to remove and deter future theft. Insert the rubber gasket into female fitting and seat in rear at the back of the threads. See video above for detailed instructions.

WARNING: This product contains a chemical known to the State of California to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm. Do not use in connection with drinking water. Wash hands after handling.

  • Watch video to left for instructions
  • Replacement 2 1/2 inch NH / NST Brass Swivel w/ set screw
  • 2 1/2 inch NH Gasket
  • Ball Bearings (50 needed per 2.5" fitting)
  • FDC Plastic Cap


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