Stainless Steel 2" Male Camlock x 3" Male Camlock

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Global jump size type "AA" spool stainless steel 2 inch male camlock (Cam & Groove) coupler to 3 inch male camlock (Cam & Groove).

Under no circumstances should cam and groove couplings be used for compressed air or steam service!


  • The 2 inch male side of this adapter will only connect to 2 inch female camlock
  • The 3 inch male side of this adapter will only connect to 3 inch female camlock

How it works

  • To make a connection, simply slide the camlock adapter into the camlock coupling and with normal hand pressure, press the cam levers down.
  • Uncoupling is as quick and simple as coupling. Just lift the cam arms and remove the adapter.

Cam and groove couplings, also called camlock fittings or quick connect fittings, are used in most industries as a hose connection to avoid leakage. The cam lock type of coupling is popular because it is considered to be a simple and economical way to reconnect and disconnect.

Cam and Groove Couplings Industries

  • Steel foundries
  • Mines
  • Construction
  • Chemical
  • Petroleum
  • Sanitary
  • Government
  • Nuclear
  • Aviation
  • Marine
  • Rail
  • Storage
  • Dry bulk


  • Wine
  • Food
  • Drugs
  • Reverse osmosis systems
  • Water treatment
  • Water transport
  • Irrigation
  • Waste / vacuum trucks
  • Fuel delivery
  • Grain movement
  • Hydraulic oil, coolants, gasoline and petroleum products
  • Bio-fuel
  • Salt water
  • Waste water
  • Chemical movement & storage
  • Sand
  • Grout
  • Cement
  • Varnish
  • Flour
  • Pellets
  • Body Material: 316 Stainless Steel
  • Camlock (Cam & Groove) Size: 2 inch Male
  • Camlock (Cam & Groove) Size: 3 inch Male
  • Maximum Operating Pressure: 125 PSI

Camlock Dimensions

  • Size: 2 inches (2.00)
  • Male Outside Diameter: 2 1/2 inches (2.480)
  • Size: 3 inches (3.00)
  • Male Outside Diameter: 3 5/8 inches (3.622)
Limited 1-Year Camlock Warranty - We will replace any camlock fitting with manufacturer defects in material and workmanship. All warranty claims must be returned to us for inspection before we determine a solution.

Our warranty does not cover gaskets, multiple use of NPT threads, shipping cost, cosmetic damages, normal wear-and-tear, improper use or chemical damage.

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